Blow Fill Seal


LiquiBlow Technology: A New Array in Aseptic Blow Moulding

Rana & Sons has developed an exceptional and market effective technology termed as LiquiBlow, which widely incorporates formation of the container directly by water.

The unique technology emphasis on aseptic formation of the container used majorly for Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Dairy, Cosmetics to mention few.

Proactive developments has always been the core of the company since 1972, LiquiBlow is the result of continous and unparalleled dedication and commitment towards research to serve the industry with breakthrough with blow moulding solutions

BFS Process


From Conventional to Developing New

Blow Fill Seal is best suited for the following conventional applications
Food & Beverages
Lube Oil
Other Applications

Apart from the already available conventional applications, we take privilege and believe in partnering with new solutions and developments always.
We are always open to newer developments

Product Specification

form fill seal table

Output depends on shapes and weight of container | Servo Control | Variable Options