3D / Suction Blow Moulding

Three Dimensional Convoluted Pipes

Ranasons provides its customers with globally leading solutions in terms of quality, technology and service conventional extrusion blow moulding of heavy convoluted three dimensional tubular shapes such as fuel tank fillers pippes automotive air ducts, tubes used in household appliances, etc. Inevitably results in welding seams at the pinch areas causing potentially large amounts of flash at the mould parting line. In extreme cases, flash can weigh multiple times the weight of the moulding itself. Moreoever very long pinch areas require high clamping forces.

The Ranasons 3D Blow Moulding Technology offers minimum flash production achieving significant savings in material, energy usage, cycle times and last but not the least in capital spending.

Advantages of the 3D Technology

More uniform wall thickness
No decrease in mecal properties
Use of materials, which does not bond sufficiently at the pinch areas
Lower regrind content reducing the risk of degradation of thermally sensitive materials
Lower flash weight, resulting in, lower capital investment and lower operating costs

Product Possibilities

3D Suction