ECO Series (10L-100L)

Significant Aspects 10/20/30

Patented tiebarless clamping arrangement
Extra large mould mounting area
Larger opening for bigger articles
2 stage locking unit for faster clamping
Helical gearbox
Barrier type screw for higher output
Ceramic heaters with force cooling system
Multiblow arrangement to reduce cycle time
Hydraulic + Electrical + Mechnical safety guard
First in first out (FIFO) accumulator head
Fastest colour change
Graphical display microprocessor based controls
Top/Bottom blowing arrangement
3-way stretching with angular blowing facility
Needle blowing facility
Electrically operated stretching unit
A.C. Variable speed drive
Machine compatible to produce automobile component
Mould slide, core pulling arrangement
Extruder movement in all 3-axis to adjust any type of mould
Motorized extruder lifting system
8 Point parison control system
Unique 8 point rack-pinion arrangement

50/60/100 Ltr

Auto unscrewing arrangement
Auto election of parts by gripper
Multi Blowing system
Hydraulic accumulator for faster cycle
Auto loader for raw material
Proportional hydraulics
Multi point parison control 200 points
Melt temp + pressure transducer
Unit meter for electrical consumption
Deflashing system online
Conveying system online
Leak testing online
Dehumidification system for moulding area
Multi station clamping units
Labelling online

Product Specification

ECO Series Technical Table