Preventive Check List Before Starting The Machine:
Check motor and gearbox mounting bolts tighten if loose
Check counter shaft supporting plumber blocks mounting bolts, tighten if loose
Check foundation bolts, tighten if loose
Check whether motor and gearbox are in perfect alignment to each other
Check oil level in gearbox, air lubricator and the reservoir
Check whether earthing / lubrication is done on lifting and sliding screws and the lifting chain
Tiebars of the locking table unit
Chain wheels and chain of the platen movement synchronizing unit Bearing housing
Bearing wheels and raisl of the safety guards
All moving and sliding parts
Check whether cooling water circulating is made through barrel cooling ring, heat exchanger, accumulator top cylinder
Parison control cylinder conver and mould halves
Ranasons Blow Moulding Machine can be operated manually, semi automatic and fully automatically
Before starting the machine it is better to get aquainted with the various controls that run the machine

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Blowout Causes And Remedies

Cause: Pinch off too shar which cuts pareson and causes blow out Pinch off too wide.
Remedy: Check cycle time.

Cause: Clamp pressure too low.
Remedy: Check part design.

Cause: Pinch off too hot.
Remedy: Gradually reduce pressure to avoid stretching parison at a rate too high.

Cause: Blow pressure too high.
Remedy: Ensure power parison lenght.

Cause: Parison too short Blow up ratio too high.
Remedy: Check head cooling (Change to a larger diameter die my be required).

Cause: Resin swell too low.
Remedy: Use higher swell resin to ensure proper parison size and to prevent missed handle accompanied by the blowout.

Cause: Moisture in resin.
Remedy: Check for moisture in resin.

Cause: Fines in hopper.
Remedy: Eliminate hopper fines.

Cause: Stock temperature too low extruder feed zone temperature too low.
Remedy: Increase stock temperatures.

Cause: Blowing air pressure too high.
Remedy: Increases extruder feed zone temperature, adjust blowing air pressure.

Cause: Blowing air pressure too high.
Remedy: Adjust cycle time as needed check material distribution part for unnecessary thick or thin sections.

Bubbles Causes And Remedies

Cause: Miosture in melt (because of condensation appearing on cold resin exposed to warm atmosphere).
Remedy: Properly dry hygroscopic resin.

Cause: Moisture in melt caused by too much water cooling on the throat, producing condensation in the barrel and moisture in melt with running at slow screw speeds.
Remedy: Permit resin to warm and evaporate before entering extruder.

Cause: Air inclusion mismatched head sections contamination.
Remedy: Adjust throat cooling align head sections and / or increase back pressure check and eliminate contamination source.

Container Does Not Blow Or Incomplete Blowing Causes And Remedies

Cause: Blow air restricted.
Remedy: Check air system.

Cause: Pinch off area too sharp.
Remedy: Provide broder pinch off area.

Excessive Flash Causes And Remedies

Cause: Parison diameter too large flash pockets too shallow improper mould closure.
Remedy: Change tooling consult mould maker increase locking and check for mould mismatch.

Excessive Shrinkage Causes And Remedies

Cause: Insufficient hold time on blowing pressure.
Remedy: Reduce mould temperature reduce melt temperature increase blow time. Clear mould cooling channels.

Short Moulding Causes And Remedies

Cause: Insufficient hold time on blowing pressure.
Remedy: Increase blowing time.

Sticking In Mould Causes And Remedies

Cause: Mould temperature too high or premature opening of mould parison hooking.
Remedy: Improve coring and heat transfer and slightly reduce mould temperature.

Cause: Swing arm out of adjustment moulds not opening for enough tail too short.
Remedy: Increase cooling time.

Cause: Mould too hot insufficient exhaust time.
Remedy: Adjust parison drop, adjust swing arm, adjust mould open top position increase screw rpm increase blow time and check mould cooling system increase exhaust time.