Why Choose Rana?

Why RANA Machines are different?
Total Tiebarless clamping no other competitor for mould mounting
Absolute clear platen area compared to any machines in its category
Largest size of mould than any other competitor
test best FIFO design accumulator for fastest color change
Large Barrier Screw take 100% regrind material at anytime
Lifting extruder by gear motor combination unique in its category / less down time
Extruder fabrication design to large accessibility to all parts / fittings reduces on time
Front panel console for easy assembly to operate
Direct clamping system to take 100% larger mould than other machine design reduce production cost
Manifold system of Hydraulics for ease of maintainence / NIL leakage management
Larger tank for better cooling of oil
Aesthetically convered frame from all sides
Centralized water cooling arrangement for barrel, mould, power pack, accumulator
Seperate additional motor for mould slide / unscrewing
Power coated finish for machine panels frames
Stairs / Ladders as standard features throughout machine
OSHA standard electrical panel board
Helical gearbox with large thrust bearings
A/C for cooling & dehumidification panel
Aluminium cladding throughout the body
Larger valves with feedback arrangement
30/100/200 pts. Parison controller system
Extruder to give highest output / highest productivity
Hardened & ground accumulator unlimited warranty
Specialized Hyd. Cylinders with Bushak – Shanban seals higher life
Tiebarless Platen system to accommodate large moulds
Smaller capacity of machine utilized to larger article thereby reduction in capital investment & recurring cost i.e. (Power)
3 Axis extruder movement to facilitate any type of complex mouldings
Needle blowing facility
Top blowing facility
Bottom blowing arrangement
FIFO accumulator for fastest color change than any other machine in its range
Fastest mould change due to Tiebarless arrangement increasing production and productivity
Barrier screw for high grade mixing quality & surface finish
2 way stretching system
Pre pinch arrangement (Optional)
Bottom sealing arrangement
Microporcessor controlled unit
Multistage locking arrangement, increases in output
8 point rack / pinion arrangement with Bevel gear for positive displacement
We hereby reserve the right to change the above specification / details due to regular Research & Development program in house

Special Features
Machine suitable for automobile parts
Barrier type screw for higher plasticizing production
Multiple blowing arrangement to reduce cycle time
High efficient quick exhaust value for higher production
Larger platen area to accommodate bigger moulds
Larger opening to accommodate bigger containers
2 stage locking unit for faster locking
Tiebarless platen area
Helical gear box
Ceramic heaters with force cooling system
Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electrical interlock safety guard
Graphical display, Microprocessor based controls
First in first out Accumulator for quick color change
3 way stretching with angular blowing facility
3 point parison programmer
Mould side attachment in power pack
Angular Blowing arrangement with stretching unit

Optional Features
Auto ejection system by pneumatic operated gripper. Pin Blow attachment
Unscrewing Device
Parison Sealing Device
Multi Point parison control device

*We hereby reserve the right to change the above specifiction / details due to regular research & development program in house.*