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March 20, 2019:
Ranasons delivers 20L ReciPRO BMM with Autodrop

Feb 28, 2019:
Ranasons exhibits at IndiaPlast Expo at NCR Delhi. Presents its version 2 of ReciPRO BMM with fastest color change, shuttle movement of articles upto 30L, Autodrop of 30L articles with live demonstration at the expo venue. Machine connected load is 50% less compared to conventional Accumulator 30L blow moulding machine

January 1, 2019:
Ranasons enters into its 49th Year of Operation. 49 Years of Quality, Reliability and Performance. Enchancing our customers lead in the market for 49 Years

December 23, 2018:
Ranasons delivers its 8 Cavity Double Station LVP Machine at customers site with successful installation

November 15, 2018:
Ranasons delivers two machines of 4 Cavity Double Station with Deflashing to its domestic customer

September 29, 2018:
Ranasons delivers its latest machine for processing specialised rubber blend raw material at customers site with successful installation and committed output

June 16, 2018:
Ranasons bags order for a specialised rubber blend raw material to produce bellows and automotive components

March 23, 2018:
Ranasons supplies its 5th ultra low weight article machine to the customer.

January 5, 2018:
Ranasons starts trial of proprietary low weight articles with successful lowest trial weight of just 7 gms

January 1, 2018:
Ranasons enters into its 48th Year of Operation. 48 Years of Quality, Reliability and Performance. Enchancing our customers lead in the market for 48 Years

December 10, 2017:
Ranasons delivers machine for 5L Single Station 2 Cavity with View Stripe, Auto Deflashing & IML

November 27, 2017:
Ranasons delivers 6 Cavity Double Station Machine to its domestic customer

October 25, 2017:
Ranasons converts a customer processing long broom handles in competitors 10L machine to Ranasons 1L machine. Customer benefits with 60% less connected load and auto drop of articles instead of manual picking of article

August 18, 2017:
Ranasons develops a low cost machine for small dairy containers with ultra low weight possibilities. Takes trial of 1L container with handle weighed at only 47 gms

June 20, 2017:
Ranasons takes order for its BFS range of machine with a very unique design

April 31, 2017:
Ranasons delivers ReciPRO BMM to Africa with successful installation and repeat order for the machine

February 11, 2017:
Ranasons in collaboration with a reputed raw material supplier starts testing of their PET-G grade of extrusion raw materials on standard continuous blow moulding machine

January 29, 2017:
Ranasons takes order for 5 ReciPRO BMM machines with 3 Domestic & 2 International clients

January 19, 2017:
Ranasons launches its latest technology in the market at Plastivision 2017 Mumbai. ReciPRO BMM with Hydro Servo Systems. The technology is very well accepted, praised and receives great customer response. Again, the first in the market, a first for our customers. ReciPRO BMM – Your Advantage from day one.

January 1, 2017:
Ranasons enters into its 47th Year of Operation. 47 Years of Quality, Reliability and Performance. Enchancing our customers lead in the market for 47 Years

September 2, 2016:
Ranasons starts development of implementation of Faster Cycle Time, Redesigned screw for optimum output and color change, Efficiency in Power Consumption, Multiple Article in Minimum Machine.

August 29, 2016:
Ranasons delivers India’s first high speed 20L Double Station Machine with Shuttle Movement. Benefits of the Technology : Faster Cycle Time and Ease of Production.

June 20, 2016:
Ranasons delivers its second turnkey project for BFS Machinery with 144 Cavities for Pharmaceutical ampoules ranging from 5ml – 20ml.

April 14, 2015:
Successfully developed Project and Machinery for LED Light Bulbs Cover

April 1, 2015:
Ranasons Group enters 45th Fiscal Year into operations in Blow Moulding and Plastic Moulding Technology

March 3, 2015:
Development of first of a kind IBM with Fill Seal System
Aseptic and Pyrogen Free, Sterile Applications

Feb 5, 2015:
Ranasons showcases ISBM Machine at PlastIndia 2015 capable to process both PP & PET in Single Stage Process

Jan 5, 2015:
We are participating in PlastIndia 2015 – Expanding Horizons at Gandhinagar Gujarat from Feb 5th to Feb 10th
Stall No. B7 Hall 3A

Dec 2, 2014:
Ranasons proudly presents to the Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry,
Indias First State of the Art Blow Fill Seal, Aseptic Packaging BMM
Highest production capacity: 144 Cavities

Year 2013:
Ranasons dispatches 3000L 3 Layer Machine to Kenya.

Year 2012:
Ranasons commissions machinery with Multiple Head, Multiple Station, View Stripe, Auto Deflashing, In-mould label, Leak testing and Conveyor based filling line to a prominent customer in East Africa.

Year 2010:
Ranasons launches 5L Double Station with Automatic Deflashing – Knockout Type

Year 1998:
Ranasons commissions blow moulding machine with 6 Head Double Station for Pharmaceutical bottles. Highest production capacity by any machine in the Indian sub-continent.

Year 1996:
Ranasons implements quick mould change system across various models of blow moulding machines.

Year 1995:
Ranasons commissions machine with Multi Head, Multi Cavity, Co-Ex

Year 1990:
Ranasons has a comprehensive range of blow moulding machines in the market. Also ventures out in customised machinery development for intricate and speciality articles.

Year 1972-1990:
Ranasons actively develops machinery for Edible Oil, Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Automobiles, Thermoware, Toys and other upcoming plastic industries. Produces machinery of various capacities, outputs. Makes footprints in over 25 countries across 3 continents.

Year 1972:
Ranasons launches 5L Automatic Blow Moulding Machine in the Indian Market.

Year 1970:
Ranasons launches 3L Automatic Blow Moulding Machine in the Indian Market.

Year 1970:
Ranasons starts its operation in Mumbai, India. The first company to setup Automatic Blow Moulding Machinery manufacturing in India. Ranasons makes a footprint in the Indian Plastic Industry with Blow Moulding Machines with a goal of providing its customers the optimum technology, lowest yield cost, support and consultancy, retain customers lead in their respective markets.

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